Class Starts Spring 2021!

DIY Brand Bootcamp 
is the only program that puts the power of branding at your fingertips.

We teach Mental Health Entrepreneurs how to level up their online presence and rock their expert status.

Do you want to finally…

  • Clearly articulate YOUR MESSAGE who you are and what you do -- online & in person?
  • Fill your practice with clients who you enjoy working with and make your heart smile?
  • Create an online presence that really represents everything that you stand for and matches your expertise?

Having Your Brand match Your Expertise

Is within your reach but right now...

You don’t have a clue about running a business or leveraging your expertise. 

Your days are full of clients who aren’t the right fit...

AND,  You can’t quite understand branding and how it plays into the building of the business no matter how hard you try!

You care deeply about doing good work, operating in integrity and representing yourself and our profession well. 
It’s not like you aren’t trying to get there...

  • You’ve tried to build a site on Squarespace, Wix or Wordpress but no clients are calling --all you hear are crickets 
  • ​You’ve been brainstorming ways grow beyond the couch to be an expert in your field
  • You’ve even experienced some success... but your brand doesn’t match your expertise

We want you want you to know that no matter if...

You are just starting out or have been in the industry for years:

You're overwhelmed, confused and a little jealous watching colleagues create beautiful brands and websites when you can't seem to figure it out.

Or... you have no idea what branding really means and you doubt it's the thing that can solve your problems. We understand and we want you to know that you are in the right place!

We are Samara + Keisha 
Biz Besties who love building meaningful brands for mental health entrepreneurs.

We've built and been running a private practice, The Stone Foundation, for 15 years so we understand exactly where you are. We've also lead the Practice Pros, a community for pro-insurance private practice building, so no matter what business model you choose, we're here to walk right beside you.

Just call us the dynamic duo and we are building awareness around the impact branding can have for mental health entrepreneurs just like you! At the end of the day, our deepest desire is to help folks build businesses they love.

We jokingly call ourselves the magician and the surgeon. Samara is an extrovert with a big bright smile and big energy. She is the Brand Confidence Coach, her magic inspires clients to be more of who they are, allowing them to show up more confidently. Keisha is introverted with keen observation as her super power, she taps into things that aren't being said. As the Brand Clarity Coach, she analyzes, pulls out and weaves together all of who you are to build a brand that you can believe in and positions you with a brand that can grow with you.

Our differences make working together magical. We give you the full spectrum of how you can show up in the world and online. Wether you're introverted or extroverted, charismatic or strategic, we've got you covered. We show you that there's more than one way of being authentic in your business and doing business.
Allow us to Introduce...

DIY Brand Bootcamp
Our membership and 90-day coaching program showing you how to build a meaningful brand

90 Day Live Group Coaching & Membership Program

Completion Time 
90 Days

Who Is It For?
New and aspiring mental health entrepreneurs who’ve been in business for less than 3 years


DIY Brand Bootcamp is designed for Mental Health Entrepreneurs, who are ready to package up their expertise and build a brand that allows them to serve more, do more and achieve more!

If you are one of those business owners who thinks branding isn't important, picture this...

  • Your ideal client is searching the internet after hitting a breaking point... Looking through a sea of providers... Being forced to read through endless credentials they don't know anything about. 
  • They are frustrated and tired, all they really want to know is if you can understand their pain and how you can help them get through it... but instead, after searching and wading through provider after provider, they're even more frustrated and tired because they are not sure who to turn to for help.
  • These are the people who need you the most... but they often give up, lose their nerve and convince themselves that no one can understand what they need or they settle for a provider that may not be a good fit.
  • ​Not only do they miss out on getting the help they need, but you also miss out on working with a new client and growing your practice. 

Being found online by your ideal clients when they are overwhelmed and at their breaking point, matters! 

" I had the pleasure of being apart of the first DIY project that Samara and Keisha put together! Sessions were small and personalized. I enjoyed the fact that the dynamic duo known as Keisha Kells and Samara educated us not only on the benefits of identifying of niche but but also how to incorporate it into our private practice. They provided us homework and also provided me tough love when needed. 

Since completing the training, I, myself have been able to create a second page and I am seeing the clients that I want to see. I learned so much and would highly recommend the program to anyone interested in learning about being brand confident. I had the best experience; they are the best coaches ever!" 

Latoya “Nicole” Edwards 

Ready to DIY your brand and help more people heal, but not sure how is DIY Brand Bootcamp different from the rest?? 

Here is everything you need to know!


We show you how to build a brand for yourself. We teach you the business principles and the technical skills to create logo and build their own website. Walk away from DIY Brand Bootcamp with a complete online presence.


Unlike other cookie-cutter therapist website designers, we tap into the core of who you are. We guide you through self-discovery and build a brand and website that truly reflects you and your business. We’re not focused on simply building a beautiful brand because a cute brand doesn’t serve. We build brands of substance that you can confidently stand up in and embody.


We are mental health professionals who intimately know the industry. We understand what you’re facing and how far you can go. We empower you with the information we have learned over the years. Other branding experts have no idea about our industry. 

During our programs, we’re your mentor and cheerleader. We take your success seriously. We will not abandon you or let you abandon your dreams. If you are willing to do the are we.


We have online business knowledge and experience. No one else has the same vision, style, and ability to position you to rise the way we can.

You need a better brand and you know it!!

So what’s stopping you?

IF you are passionate about the work you do but your bold and soulful personality isn't showing up in your brand...

Or, if you want a website that makes your life as an entrepreneur easier and instantly connects with the clients you were called to serve...

Then look no further!

DIY Brand Bootcamp gives you the online presence you need to be visible in a sea of providers. 

Together we’ll: 

  • Build an online presence so you can be found by the people who need you
  •  Get over your fears and finally breathe life into your dream of starting or growing your practice 
  •  Turn the vision in your heart into a workable business strategy that attracts perfectly aligned clients
  •  Build a brand that positions you as an expert in your field and sets you apart from everyone else
  •  Get you to maintain a consistent marketing strategy to drastically increase your income
"Before working with Samara and Keisha, I needed direction on how to package all of my services in the same space.

After working with them, One of the first responses I received was, "I really like your new branding." I'm also being told how nice my site is. The intensive helped me to display my brand in a way that captures my personality and therapeutic style while also allowing potential client to see themselves.

What I liked most about this process was that it was a collaborative effort but I wasn't solely responsible for the entire production!"

~Shamyra Howard-Blackburn

Here’s what you’ll have after saying yes:

  • A visual brand with fonts, colors, a logo, and a website that expresses the energy of your brand and connects with your audience instantly 
  • The confidence in your ability to build a thriving brand or practice serving the people searching for your help
  • Discover your superpower and how to articulate it with clarity and confidence
  • ​The courage to stop hiding and show up as the expert that you are
  • ​A complete understanding of your ideal clients and how to let them know you understand their pain and can help them get through it
  • ​A strategy to introduce your work to the world and jumpstart your visibility so you can serve more
Here is what you will get once you say yes...
Sign Up Today for as low as $500

You simply want to make a positive impact on people's lives. 

We make it easy for you to learn the ins and outs of branding, web design, and marketing. Inside our programs you’ll get: 

Live Weekly Calls
Over three months, we host weekly coaching Q&A calls with our small community of DIYers. Each person is working on the same module so you’re never alone. We’re holding your hand and giving you feedback every step of the way. You are supported as you build your brand and make sure we’re here to make sure you are moving along confidently. With us, no one’s left behind.

Tech Tutorials
Tech tutorials that help you design even if you’re not “techie.” We will give you the inside scoop and shortcuts on how to create the most important aspects of your brand...for yourself. No paying expensive designers or waiting for people to get back to you. Put the brand power of tech in your hands.

Beautifully Designed Worksheets, Handouts, and Comprehensive Guides
You’ll receive all the materials you need to create a Style Guide and Content Map for your Website. This makes it easy to work with design professionals and make important decisions for your business after your brand has been born. 

Sign Up Today for as low as $500
Oh, there’s more... You can upgrade to the Branding Intensive and allow us to do the work for you.

How would you feel this time next year when your practice has a waiting list, with people coming to you for your expertise and opening another stream of income through consulting, writing, and speaking. 

With the upgrade, we package your magic for you and let the world know who you are. 

When you upgrade you’ll get...

A Done-for-You Website
We’ll build you a 3 to 4-page starter website. Your new website is your no. 1 employee and business card working on your behalf 24/7. 

2 Strategy Calls
There is work that has to be done to make sure we get great results together. But you are not alone in making it happen. These calls are where we come together to make sure we have completed all the pre-work that will set the tone for your new brand.  

A Peace of Mind
Once you submit all of your pre-work, you can relax while we roll up our sleeves to create your custom brand. The beauty of upgrading is we do the work for you.

"Before working with Samara and Keisha I was all over the place. I had lots of ideas but wasn't sure what I needed to do first or what was most important. By taking their program I was able to learn how to build a brand from scratch that I love. They walked me through A-Z and answered all of my questions in between. They also worked to calm my anxiety about stepping out of my comfort zone. 

The environment they created was extremely supportive. I was honestly sad when it ended. They helped me build a brand that I love that resonates with the community I am building to heal intergenerational trauma."

~Sonia Ross

What’s holding you back???

The DIY Brand Bootcamp is perfect for women who are serious about building a heart-centered mental health brand, helping more people heal and becoming more profitable.

We know what it takes to succeed in the industry. We’ve successfully run a business for 16 years, and coached over 100 entrepreneurs on their journey to success.

Our experience shows you that you can build the practice of your dreams while remaining true to who you are. 

Highlight your business effectively and secure all your branding needs in this DIY Brand Bootcamp designed specifically for mental health entrepreneurs...

Take this important first step...

The investment for DIY Branding Bootcamp is only $1497 with payment plans starting at $500 a month.

You can upgrade to the Branding Intensive for $4997 to get a complete platform to successfully launch your business. Don’t worry we have payment plans to fit your needs and you can start today for only $800.

Sign Me Up, I'm ready for the
DIY Brand Bootcamp

Sign Me Up, I'm ready  for the 
Done for You Branding Intensive

Our DIY Brand Bootcamp is right for you if...

  • You know that your messaging, branding and website isn’t working for you
  • Your life’s mission is to heal and change the world in the way only you can
  • You desire the income that matches your expertise
  • ​You’re an action taker and commit to your goals
  • ​You’re not in the mental health profession for the money-- you want to help the suffering but know that money will help you serve more people 
  • ​You’re ready to invest in your success today and don’t allow fear to stop you 
  • ​You are ready to put in the work and participate in your own success

Our DIY Brand Bootcamp is NOT right for you if...

  • You aren’t ready to do the work to master your messaging, branding or update your website
  • You’re not open to healing and serving more people
  • You’re comfortable making less than you deserve and don’t want to reach financial freedom
  • ​You’re not looking for new opportunities to live a better life
  • ​You’re not ready to consistently show up as the expert that you are
  • ​You’re unhappy with your current circumstance but are unwilling to change your mindset, habits or beliefs

If you’ve made it this far, you’re considering one of our programs. 

The truth is you haven’t been living up to your full potential and you know it. You see, you have been called to serve. Called to do and be more. 

But you’ve been trying to do it all alone. You need our help and you are ready. 

The question is:
Are you willing to commit to yourself? 

Are you ready to invest in yourself? 

Do you trust yourself? 

Because you made it this far on this page for a reason. 

If you want to stop limiting your impact, stop putting off work, stop hiding in the shadows and want to show up for yourself and the people who need you the most, your time is NOW. 

Sign Me Up, I'm ready for the 
Done For You Branding Intensive

Sign Me Up, I'm ready for the
DIY Brand Bootcamp

Still on the fence about joining... How about a guarantee?

Our mission is to empower you with everything needed to transform your business into a successful brand. 

However, we know stepping out into the unknown can be scary. We go back and forth in our minds until we talk ourselves out of stepping into the best version of ourselves. 

Well... we believe in both of us committing to results. If you are willing to put some skin in the game to upgrade your brand, we are willing to match you. 

If you have fully participated and followed all of the steps given, and you STILL are not able to upgrade your brand by the end of the DIY Brand Bootcamp or Brand Intensive, then we will keep working together until you do. 

How are we able to make this offer to you?

Because we believe in you. We believe in the business you are building. We will not abandon you or let you abandon your entrepreneurial aspirations. If you are willing to do the work... so are we. 

That's our guarantee to you!

Sign Up Today for as low as $500

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the course?
You have lifetime access to the membership site with the core curriculum. You can revisit modules as often as you need to refresh your brand and gain more clarity as you grow. Our coaching calls will happen every week for 90 days. 

Do you have payment plans available?
Absolutely. We offer a 3 month payment plans for our DIY Brand Bootcamp program. There are 2-, 3- and 4-month payment plans for the Branding Intensive Program.

I’m not tech-savvy. I just can’t build my own brand or website? 
Don’t worry about it because we got you. There are tech tutorials that will help you build your brand logo, website, and tech for yourself. If it feels overwhelming at any point you can always say “Samara and Keisha, help me!” and can upgrade to Brand Intensive at any time without losing your investment.

I’m ready! Which program is best for me?
DIY Brand Bootcamp was designed for mental health professionals who’ve been in business for less than 3 years and still struggling with consistent messaging, offers and online presence. If you’ve been in business for more than 3 years and experienced some success, then the Branding Intensive is best for you. The intensive is best for you if you’ve hit a glass ceiling, your brand looks a mess, and you wouldn’t be ready if Oprah calls. The intensive helps you breakthrough to the next level. DIY Brand Bootcamp helps you create a brand that you can grow into.

How is the course delivered?
This is not an online program where we throw content at you, and tell you to sit in a corner and read it. The content is delivered by video and PDF workbooks in a membership platform. You can learn any and everywhere-- from your phone at the office or on your laptop from Starbucks. Our weekly calls are through phone or video conferencing.

I’ve been burned by so-called online experts before, why should I trust you? 
Unlike other programs, there’s little risk with us. We’ll work together until you reach the results we promise if you have fully participated and followed all of the steps given. Put in the work and we will too. We believe in this and stand by it.

This is a big investment for me. Is it truly worth it?
We’ve seen the transformation we provide, so of course we’ll say YES! But truthfully only you know the answer to that question, love. Are you worth the investment? Is your purpose worth it? We know where people like you are -- on the cusp of a big breakthrough but scared. And we’ve heard every excuse a woman can make to stay comfortable. You have two choices: invest in our program and do the work with us to change your life or invest more time and money figuring out branding alone and missing your chance to work with clients who need you most. 

I feel like an imposter serving my clients while I’m not confident with my brand. Will this help? 
You are not alone and we understand that insecurity and imposter syndrome calls to each of us sometimes. This course is a deep well of resources for you to become more confident and use whenever your confidence is out of reach. Our community also provides you with the support you need to step into your power and serve people like you who need support, too.

What is branding anyway? I don’t think I need branding. 
As Jeff Bezos says, "Branding is what people say about you when you're not in the room." So what are people saying about you? Are they saying anything at all? When you are intentional about your branding, you will be the first and only mental health pro that people think of when they think about your area of expertise. Trust us, it’s not something you think you need until you do. 

Can I just send my assistant to the live calls?
We don’t suggest it. Our programs and live calls are meant for you. It’s meant to grow you and catapult you. We show up, hold your hand and answer your questions! It’s really important that you show up for yourself, too. You gain a skill that will transform the way you do business forever.

Can I complete the course on my own time? 
You can but you get access to both of us for only 90 days. We encourage you to complete each module with the community and show up each week to ask us questions. It’s your chance to expand your knowledge and confidence. You’ll get Samara’s magical personality as the Brand Confidence Coach and Keisha’s exceptional insight as the Brand Clarity Coach.

I don’t want to market myself. Is there a way to reach my goals without marketing?
Honestly, no. We invite you to think differently about marketing. We believe marketing is just a way to share your gifts with the people who need you the most. There are people who are on the verge of giving up. They are losing their nerve and convincing themselves that no one can understand what they need. Marketing yourself is simply saying “I’m here and I understand.”  

If you have more questions, contact us at and we’ll be happy to help you decide if this course is right for you.

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