Are you ready to 
DIY Your Brand?
If you already have an eye for design and are feeling a bit tech-savvy, save yourself some time and frustration by using our carefully curated list of little places on the web.
Listen, these days it is easier than ever to learn how to do the design work.  

If you have already done the heavy lifting needed to create your brand, then now all you need are the resources and tech tools to keep your brand fresh, visible and attracting your ideal clients!

You need three things if you want to make the most out of our carefully curated DIY Resources:  
Brand Clarity, Tech-Savvy and Confidence.  
Online Design Options
Online Storage
Website Builders
Photo Editing
Royalty Free Photos
Social Media
Brand Swag
Working with Teams
Online Course Platforms
This course is for mental health professionals that are already crystal clear about their brands and tech savvy enough to DIY it. 

If you are looking for a big ole' list of my favorite Branding tools then this Resource Guide is going to knock your socks off.  

Mostly everything on this list is FREE and it will be continually updated and refreshed as I come upon new and super cool tools to help you DIY Your Brand and Grow Your Business!

The Brand Confident Team

Samara Stone, 
Your Brand Confidence Coach

Samara's bright and cheerful energy lights up the room as she uses her creative genius and experience in the field to pull you into building the business you desire

Keisha Kells, 
Your Brand Clarity Coach

Keisha's keen powers of observation get to the core of who you are and build effective and creative strategies that produce results that are a custom fit for you!.

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