Most mental health professionals start out in building businesses without any solid branding in place.  Many think naming their practice is the only big choice to make to put their businesses on the map, but are in for an awakening when its time to do things like build websites, set up social media or even talk to people about what they do so they can get clients coming in the door.

I know what its like to fumble for words when people ask you what you do...
or feel completely stumped when trying to make choices about colors, logos and pictures to represent you and your business.

Although most mental health entrepreneurs don't know it, there actually is a way to approach building your business that can give you the confidence you need to show up in person and online consistently ALL THE TIME!!

We have built brands for so many mental health entrepreneurs, we have the process down to a science. 

But we know how important it is to put you in the drivers seat for your brand.  When you own the process from start to finish, you have the confidence to truly embody your brand.  The DIY Bootcamp, we will hold your hand and create the same amazing results we do for our full service clients for half the cost.
You’re on an important mission to help people with some of the deepest struggles imaginable... but the people who need you the most don't know who you are!
Don't be Tech Scared!!

Most people avoid the unknown part of tech and design like the plague, but what we show you step by step to make what once seemed impossible easy.  

the DIY Bootcamp puts our favorite design tools at your fingertips AND gives you the inside scoop to learn how to use them to create your brand.
Mental health entrepreneurs are rare kinds of business owners. We are driven to create businesses dedicated to making a positive impact on people's lives.

We devote countless hours of training and education to help people overcome life's most difficult challenges... and we do it because we care!

But we really did not get any background in business, branding or marketing as a part of preparing for this work.  That means when it comes to hanging our shingle there is alot we don't know.

As we try to build our practices, we end up getting stuck working with clients that might not be the best fit for us...or worse yet...struggling to get clients coming in the door at all.  

We tank our confidence and short cut our opportunities when we don't build a solid niche for ourselves and create a brand that is the foundation for building our businesses in clinical work AND beyond the couch!

Introducing the...
An exclusive online opportunity for mental health entrepreneurs to gain clarity about their brands and get the support and exact how to they need to show up on line and in person with confidence and consistency.  
Why The Branding Bootcamp is the solution...

Whether you like it or not, you already have a brand! Most mental health business owners are not clear about what their brand is currently saying about them... and I guarantee, if you aren't being intentional about your brand, you will suffer from lackluster messaging and poor visibility. 

Having a logo and a website can't make up for the damage caused by a lack of intentional branding. The bad news is... having the wrong website and logo could be sabotoging your best marketing efforts.

If you still don't think branding is important, picture this...

Your ideal client is searching the internet after hitting a breaking point... Looking through a sea of providers... Being forced to read through endless credentials they don't know anything about. 

They are frustrated and tired, all they really want to know is if you can understand their pain and how you can help them get through it... but instead, after searching and wading through provider after provider, they're even more frustrated and tired because they are not sure who to turn to for help.

These are the people who need you the most... but they often give up, lose their nerve and convince themselves that no one can understand what they need or they settle for a provider that may not be a good fit.

Not only do they miss out on getting the help they need, you miss out on working with a new client and growing your practice. Getting the attention of your ideal clients when they are overwhelmed and at their breaking point, matters! 

And that's why branding is so important!

The 90 day DIY Branding Bootcamp, will teach you how to ditch the "Cookie Cutter" therapist marketing by choosing to make your passion, personality and expertise front and center in your business.

Take a look at what some of our past clients had to say...
Samara and Keisha were very thorough, knowledgeable, detail oriented and forthcoming about things we needed to improve for our brand to be clean, professional and consistent on all of our platforms (website and social media). 

We received clarity on how to make our brand more clear, and guidance on how to narrow down our niche so that we can reach our target customers/clients. They are supportive, kind and want to see your business succeed! The investment was worth it! 

Lauren Capel & Tierra Sydnor-Diggs 
When you sign up for the
we'll work with you to create your...
Stop wasting time and money on marketing efforts that don't get you the results your business deserves! 
The way that this dynamic team works together played to both of their strengths, which inspired me and guided me to a place where I feel confident to move forward with my brand. They have amazing intuition and accuracy in honing in on my specific niche and my personal values, so that I can become more clear and speak directly to those who are seeking my work. I left with concrete actions that I can implement immediately to gain traction in my business! 

For the first time since I started my practice, almost 10 years ago, I can really see myself making money that matches my expertise! I would recommend these phenomenal women to everyone looking to build a solid brand that goes deeper than the brand itself. 

~Maisha Najuma Aza
If you are one of the mental health professionals to benefit from the
 you will gain...
Live Trainings 
Live support and trainings as we walk you step by step through the process of creating your brand inside out.  
Tech Tutorials
Even if you have never touched anything related to design, we will give you the inside scoop and short cuts on how to create the most important aspects of your brand...for yourself.  No paying expensive designers or waiting for people to get back to you.  Put the brand power of tech in your hands.
Hot Seats
Throughout the course, you will get an opportunity for one on one custom feedback for everything you are doing to build your brand.  Get brand savvy by hearing the feedback from the other members in the class too!
Worksheets, Handouts and Comprehensive Guides
All of the materials you need to create a Style Guide / Brand Book and Content Map for your Website (domains/hosting info and copywriting guide) that will bring together all of the essential elements of your brand making it easy to work with design professionals and make important decisions for your business after your brand has been born. 
Private FaceBook Group
A space specifically dedicated to the group of entrepreneurs building brands along side you.  Got a design to share...not sure about how something sounds?  Let the group be a safe space to ask questions, get feedback and share the growth process as you birth your brand.
Highlight your business effectively and secure all your branding needs in this DIY Bootcamp designed specifically for mental health entrepreneurs...

"My brand started out as a nebulous, grainy picture in my head and evolved into a concrete product that is a jumping off place for ever other decision I have to make for my practice. Samara and Keisha said that this process would help me eliminate things that don't fit more easily and that was right on the mark.

I was getting bogged down by all of the choices and now that I am clear on my brand, I don't have to spend time looking at things that don't fit in to it."

Melissa Watson Clark
(Multiple payment options are available)

Samara Stone 

Your Brand Confident Coach is a sunny California native with a bright infectious smile. Her natural ability to connect with people and her strong entrepreneurial spirit led her to start her first business during her college days at Hampton University and has carried over to her unique career in social work. Samara launched Perfected Practice, a nationwide mentoring program for mental health entrepreneurs in 2013 after a decade of growing a pro-insurance group practice in Maryland. 

Known for her wealth of knowledge and dynamic presentation style, she naturally inspires people to develop the emotional resilience and creative strategies they need to grow personally and professionally.

Keisha Kells
Your Brand Clarity Coach, is a quiet yet masterful problem solver from Baltimore, MD. Her insight, observation and pragmatic approach makes her the "go to" when it's time to take any project to the next level. Her work with The Stone Foundation and Perfected Practice since 2011 has been invaluable. When it comes to building brands and creating custom strategies for clients, Keisha is able to give the inside scoop on how to properly position your mental health business.

Her genuine and non-judgmental style, coupled with her ability to ask the right questions and give honest feedback has made her a true asset.  For the first time ever, Branding Intensive participants, get unfiltered access to the secret ingredient that The Stone Foundation and Practice Pros have benefited from for years.

(Multiple payment options are available)
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