Becoming Brand Confident
For Mental Health Professionals that Want to Stand Out From the Crowd!
You already have something special about you that's waiting to break through...
Hey Mental Health Entrepreneurs...have you given much thought to your niche?  I know you hear people talk about why it's important, but it matters more than you think.  Your niche is at the core of the brand you are building.  That's right, your niche and your brand go hand in hand.  

If we don't nail both of these, you may be missing opportunities left and right. It's time to get intentional about how your business shows up to the world. I'm on a mission to help a few good mental health professionals bring their brands to life... is that you??

You might be thinking branding is not for mental health businesses...that somehow being intentional about your business stops at the good work you are doing, if so I am sorry to tell you this bad news insight, but you are actually doing the community a disservice. 

How will anyone know that YOU are the RIGHT person to help them if your brand isn't communicating your values and expertise?

If you are anything like me, you have put in long hours and paid your dues to get to where you are. Now it's time to get your business off the deserves a little shine! It's ok to reflect the awesome work you are doing with Clarity and Confidence!  So do your business and the community a favor by Becoming Brand Confident. 

This online course takes you on a deep dive of self-discovery, uncovering the best parts of what you do, how you do it and exactly who you are meant to serve.
Mental Health Entrepreneurs Need Branding Too!! 
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Be the beacon of light that clearly defines the work you do for the people who need your services the most. 

Your Ideal Clients are looking for you. Business opportunities await just for you. You are the missing piece, but no one knows your business exists. If you are up to some good stuff, I challenge you NOT to blend in with the other bland brands. 

Are you ready to let them know you are?
Your Becoming Brand Confident Program includes...
Becoming Brand Confident Video Series
A five-part video series that walks you through how to set an inspiring and compelling vision for your practice along with a mission statement that guides the growth of your private practice or business.
Becoming Brand Confident Worksheets
Worksheets designed to guide you on the deep dive to discovering what is at the core of your brand. Everything from identifying values and personality traits to our 5 Layer approach to uncovering Your Unique Niche.
Your Private Discovering Your Unique Niche Call
Once you have gotten clarity on your Unique Niche, we will connect for a private call to help you integrate what you have learned  and map out the next steps for bringing your brand to life.
Private Facebook Group
The journey to Becoming Brand Confident is not one you need to take alone. We are stronger together. Once you start with this course, you will be invited to join a private FaceBook Group just for you and other mental health professionals that are supporting one another in discovering and truly owning your unique niche.

$97 for a Limited Time
"The process ultimately helped me to understand more clearly where I wanted to go and how branding will help me get there. Becoming Brand Confident is essential if you want to stand out!"
Melissa Watson Clark
Gardenwood Counseling Center
Meaningful Brands don't happen by accident. 
Becoming Brand Confident is for mental health entrepreneurs who are doing awesome work but need a little help nailing their niche and really being seen.
Only $97 for a Limited Time
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